free wedensday

I Basically had a free day today, I did have to get up to get J to school but the rest of the day I was off.
So today I added Commercial Photography to my major!
I also bought film! finally so I can start shooting my portfolio work, a lens for my camera, and I realized that I probably need to by a new camera house. But that will have to wait a couple of months. I also went to H&M to buy a new pair of pants for $20, I like that H&M has opened in Dallas, because then I can buy cheap clothes that are comfortable and pretty. I hung out with Daniel for a bit before he had class and I went to the photolab but realized I didn't have much photopaper left so I only spent like an hour there trying out Sabattier. which worked out pretty good.

Kom ihåg mig?

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Skrev om mitt liv i Dallas. Skriver nu mest om NPF-diagnoser och livet med en eller två sådana.

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