Need to concentrate.

I think I have a test today, I was supposed to have it last week, and last week I was ready for it. this week I am not sure, I am not sure if there was something new added to the test, something else we were suppose to study. The teacher said something about giving us more information about color theory before the test, she didn't give us more info about color theory last week. Does that mean ww don't have a test today? Confused.

Also I think I misheard her when she was explaining what to work on for this weeks class. 4 book spreads and 20 concept sketches for eac, or 2 book spreads with 20 concept sketches for each. It had something to do with the number 40. I vaugly remembered she mentioned forty. sicne 4 times 20 is 80, that does not sound right to me.

Kom ihåg mig?

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Skrev om mitt liv i Dallas. Skriver nu mest om NPF-diagnoser och livet med en eller två sådana.

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