CNS stimulants.

I am writing this because I tried some CNS stimulants (CNS = Central Nervous System).

The effects of taking medications like adderall for ADHD, is like turning the volume down, or turning the radio of.
I can still think but now all the thoughts and distraction that usually disturb my though patterns are turned down, making the world a nice quiet place where I can focus on what is important at the moment, instead of always being interrupted my new thoughts or external stimuli.
Usually in places where there's a lot of noises and people I can't focus enough or I can't block out noise and stimuli. So I jump from activity to activity, or I try to read something but I hear everything, I hear every person talking, every single little noise that a chair makes, the wind the, air condition, and so on and I try to block it out but I can't.
15 mg of adderall made me concentrate even on the boring things like studying for a test. And for the first time I was not disturbed by sensory input and people talking over each other. it was like i was inside a bubble, I was able to focus on just what I wanted to focus on without spending all my energy trying to fight the noise.

It's always easier to focus when you're doing something you really like. but while in a busy place i can't even focus on things I really like. I however noticed that while on Adderall all my tics and stimming kind of became worse, but I think that is a small side-effect to being able to focus, and not move from task to task.

I became so much more focused and outgoing because I did not have to block stimuli out, I am trying to explain how it felt, but I still have some troubles getting the thoughts out to words, I don't think that part of my troubles are due to ADHD and being to distracted.

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