catching up.

Hej. Eller nagot this has to be an entry in English, I'm writing this from my PC since I spilled water on my MacBook and it's drying. Trying not to be on the Net so much, actually I'm trying to catch up on schoolwork, most of the time I leave it for the last minute, but that makes me very stressed so today despite it's being Halloween, I've been trying to design a flyer for my Design class, these are not anything of what I will hand in though (or at least I don't think I will hand them in) but I have to start somewhere, there's too much white space, but we're only allowed to use text so I am not sure how to fill out the space, although I like white space, I'm sure my teacher don't.

(click on them to see them bigger)

Something else I've been starting on is a short story. I'm not sure how many pages it has to be, but I need to make at least two character sheets and write down the setting of where the story plays out. It should be interesting, the more I go into solitude the more imagination I get to write and the better the story will get. so far I've been writing down some on my Ipod: You know you could hide easy in this city, but tthat dosen't mean we have to do that, we could take the train and leave tomorrow no one would have to know, it's easy. He looked up on me and asked: But where should we go? We can go anywhere I replied, where do you want to go? He didn't answer instead he looked longingly out the window, out across the street, he didn't say anything for a couple of minutes then he uttered: But what about money? It won't be a problem I told him, we will take jobs if we need to.
Outside the storm really took it's toll on the street, Cabs honked their horns to get through the dense traffic. People was running by the window with the umbrealls tightly gripped and their hoods up. I want to leave this weather he said. I want to go somewhere where it never rains...

On another note: my grandma past away, sad but now she don't have to feel pain anymore.

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