not really any motivation to write anything, nothing is going on anyways so there is no need.

I was thinking of something that happened when I was younger, I don't think I have mentioned it to anyone but one person.

When I was a kid (I don't remember how old I was) I was terribly afraid that our house was going to catch on fire when we all were sleeping, so I would pack a bag with my most precious things in it, like my stuffed animals, some books and CDs and clothes, and keep it beside my bed just in case something might happen, the worst part of this was that if something would have happened, how I could I be sure that my mom and dad would be okay. I think I had a lot of nightmares about that, and I might not have been sleeping at all some nights, but I don't remember anything of that, I just remember the bag beside my bed.
which proposed one problem I could not sleep with my stuffed animals to keep me company or to keep me safe, but it was better to know that if something happened they would be me.

yes i am still here

Yes I am alive I've been busy with listening to music and writing stuff.


Skrev om mitt liv i Dallas. Skriver nu mest om NPF-diagnoser och livet med en eller två sådana.

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