Always new depths

Greatest night ever. No wait like greatest day ever!
I went to see my Friend Chris, and we took his crappy car (that almost died on us a couple of times) to Fort Worth, Trying to find the modern (it's a museum) But Fort Worth it's nothing like Dallas, although it's a very nice city, and a lot older than Dallas, hence a lot prettier. We found it eventually, and got to see some awesome art by Warhol and Basquiat, I had some gross tasting green candy from one of the artworks. and i debated about going swimming in it.
I also got a lot of cool ideas, and inspiration for art I want to do.

We headed back to Dallas and I decided to hang out and go to a bar with him, then we ended up barhopping and going to several. Lee harvey, (cool place, it felt like a huge houseparty), wide two, or two wide (don't remember the name, but it was a nice cosy bar that made fun of white trash), Bacardia (which was packed and had awesome arcade games, like donky kong, street fighter, mario, pacman and so on, and also skee ball! I'm going back there), The grapevine (another cossy bar, with a baskeball court in the backyard, only that alone makes it's the bomb).
We did go to another place to, but that place sucked.

Later we hung out at the spillway, which was probably the best part of the night, if it wasn't for the chill. Just sitting there, hearing the water roar and being in the nature, that beats everything else. That's when you really feel alive, that's when you get insights about what life is really about, that's when your intellect leaves you alone and you only feel.


Skrev om mitt liv i Dallas. Skriver nu mest om NPF-diagnoser och livet med en eller två sådana.

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