don't look back in anger

Another day at the temple, with great food, nice calming music, free cookies and a history lesson. That's how my day was.
Yeah and I had a smoothie and got lost too.

And today I found out more about student visa, and sponsors.

I also had a very giving conversation with one of my best friend, she told me not to worry about somethings that been on my mind for the last couple of days. She's great, she knows a lot more on the subject than I do, and she has always been right so far. If you read this thank you Z.

We now have decided on a date for our camping "trip" that's going to be nice, now I just have to find more au-pairs that wants to come, it shouldn't be hard.


Elin is going back to Sweden, that sucks, who am I supposed to hang out with now?
Her hostfamily is saying she's out drinking everynight, so she can't fidn another family (because you need references), where's the moral in that?
She's out with her friends after she gets off, and the hostparents wants her to spend time with them.
what the heck? You spend all day long with the kids, why would you spend more time in the house? We're not here to spend time with the parents. god dammit.

She's flying on monday! She needs to get back her as soon as possible!

I love you man!

I just got back from I love you man, it was fun..
weird thing this movie is rated R, so this guy who collects the tickets, he's like: Can I see your ID please, and I'm like what?
do you need to see ID to get into this movie, and then he's like no, but you need to be over 17 to see this movie, seriously do I look like I'm under 17? Is it my face? or maybe I just dress like I'm 12.

I also went to the mall with Alp, i bought 4 t-shirt, i need more t-shirt, or yes I do, I always need more t-shirts.
But I'm saving money, I'm putting in $100 on my saving account every week, that's good, I only need like $700 to pay of student debt this year.


Skrev om mitt liv i Dallas. Skriver nu mest om NPF-diagnoser och livet med en eller två sådana.

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