1. The greater the effort you put into your work, the more you improve yourself.
  2. Better to have a big heart than a big house.
  3. Leting yourself get angry is actually a form of self-inflicted punishment for other people's fault.
  4. Happiness steams not from how much we own, but from how little we complain.
  5. Once we have weathered through all our suffering, good fortune may ensue; once we hace enjoyed all our blessings, grief may follow.
  6. When sitting quietly, evaluate your own mistakes; when chattin, don't criticize others.
  7. Being rich does not necessairly bring happiness; one who had clean conscience has the greatest peace of mind.
  8. Before you criticize others, consider first wheter you are flawless yourself.
  9. Without all the little chores, major accomplishments cannot be accomplished.
  10. The greatest accomplishment in life is to rise up from failure.

That's ten very good quotes, that everyone should consider and live by (i guess)


Friday I went to see the time travelers wife, as I wrote, Saturday I slept in, went to Ihop with Sara, then we went to Frosted Java for Michele's suprise/goodbye party, it was fun, but a little sad, beacause she's leaving. we were a bunch of us gathering and she had no idea when she walked throught the door she looked really surprised. Later that evening I went to see Final Destination 4 with Matt and then we headed over to Plano for a house-warming party, which turned out to be really fun. 

And today I went to church, it was really interesting, nothing like back home, when preaching is boring and the preacher just preach passages from the bible and don't really explain anything about it.  
The minister talked about ours self-images and how we're making up images about ourselves that we can't live up to, and how that changes our attitudes of how we see ourselves and others. I can't put it all down in words, but I liked it and was really impressed.


cat kitty cat

We found a cat today, or the cat found us, and then it stayed with us all day, like it followed us around but all it wanted to do was sleep next you our feet, whenever Jazzy or Alex tried to play it with it, it got up and moved, not a very playful cat, I tried to explain to them that cats can't speak so when they move away from you it means they don't want to play, or that they want to be by themselves, I don't know how many times I said it, they still tried to play with it, at least they didn't chase it. 
So that's basically what we've been doing all day, playing with a cat. sounds boring, in fact it was quite intresting. 

Oh hello void, I went to see The time travelers wife with Dayan, don't see that movie, it sucks, we missed the first 20 minutes, but I doubt it would have made much more sense if we had seen those 20 minutes. To much time traveling.
I was in no condition this evening, still i did, I didn't crash anything and I didn't screwed up while driving behind a cop car for 10 minutes. I just bought lemoande and Mike and Ikes, so the question is should I watch a movie, or listen to this speeach about attitude pretending I'm drinking beer. Yeah I need to change my thinking, I'm in the void now, but of course I'll overcome this and climb the ladder. I know I don't need any other person to make me feel good, it's only me who can make me feel good, and I know I felt great this week I've been feeling great for a month. And if the reason that I don't feel great now is because of something some said to me, it means I have not yet learned to control all my feelings. 


Skrev om mitt liv i Dallas. Skriver nu mest om NPF-diagnoser och livet med en eller två sådana.

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