1. The greater the effort you put into your work, the more you improve yourself.
  2. Better to have a big heart than a big house.
  3. Leting yourself get angry is actually a form of self-inflicted punishment for other people's fault.
  4. Happiness steams not from how much we own, but from how little we complain.
  5. Once we have weathered through all our suffering, good fortune may ensue; once we hace enjoyed all our blessings, grief may follow.
  6. When sitting quietly, evaluate your own mistakes; when chattin, don't criticize others.
  7. Being rich does not necessairly bring happiness; one who had clean conscience has the greatest peace of mind.
  8. Before you criticize others, consider first wheter you are flawless yourself.
  9. Without all the little chores, major accomplishments cannot be accomplished.
  10. The greatest accomplishment in life is to rise up from failure.

That's ten very good quotes, that everyone should consider and live by (i guess)


Friday I went to see the time travelers wife, as I wrote, Saturday I slept in, went to Ihop with Sara, then we went to Frosted Java for Michele's suprise/goodbye party, it was fun, but a little sad, beacause she's leaving. we were a bunch of us gathering and she had no idea when she walked throught the door she looked really surprised. Later that evening I went to see Final Destination 4 with Matt and then we headed over to Plano for a house-warming party, which turned out to be really fun. 

And today I went to church, it was really interesting, nothing like back home, when preaching is boring and the preacher just preach passages from the bible and don't really explain anything about it.  
The minister talked about ours self-images and how we're making up images about ourselves that we can't live up to, and how that changes our attitudes of how we see ourselves and others. I can't put it all down in words, but I liked it and was really impressed.


cat kitty cat

We found a cat today, or the cat found us, and then it stayed with us all day, like it followed us around but all it wanted to do was sleep next you our feet, whenever Jazzy or Alex tried to play it with it, it got up and moved, not a very playful cat, I tried to explain to them that cats can't speak so when they move away from you it means they don't want to play, or that they want to be by themselves, I don't know how many times I said it, they still tried to play with it, at least they didn't chase it. 
So that's basically what we've been doing all day, playing with a cat. sounds boring, in fact it was quite intresting. 

Oh hello void, I went to see The time travelers wife with Dayan, don't see that movie, it sucks, we missed the first 20 minutes, but I doubt it would have made much more sense if we had seen those 20 minutes. To much time traveling.
I was in no condition this evening, still i did, I didn't crash anything and I didn't screwed up while driving behind a cop car for 10 minutes. I just bought lemoande and Mike and Ikes, so the question is should I watch a movie, or listen to this speeach about attitude pretending I'm drinking beer. Yeah I need to change my thinking, I'm in the void now, but of course I'll overcome this and climb the ladder. I know I don't need any other person to make me feel good, it's only me who can make me feel good, and I know I felt great this week I've been feeling great for a month. And if the reason that I don't feel great now is because of something some said to me, it means I have not yet learned to control all my feelings. 

spotless not at all

So far today, I've been working as usual, I watched Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind,( it's a very good movie, but the title says more that just being a good movie, it's a poem by Alexander Pope, and maybe a eternal sunshine of your spotless mind would be a great thing to have, but then from what would you learn, I rather be a human with faults and darkness, then a human without darkness and a spotless mind, for from the faults I'm learning things about myself), 

I've been reading, and I just made myself dinner and watchin little leauge baseball. 
I must say it been a productive day in many ways. Oh yeah and I just registerd for a new class, Photographing people, and I'll see this as a challenge, because I do not like photographing things that moves and have a free will.

How happy is the blameless Vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot;
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd. 

Ma vie en garçon

I watched a great movie today, Ma vie en Rose, ( I've been watchin a lot of great movies lately).

It takes up the subject of loving people not for their outside, but for what's inside. 
I'ts about Ludo (Ludovic) who expresses his true self, by doing girly things, but his parents and everyone around him, sees this as someting wrong, something that needs to be change. 
(I'm not a movie reviewer but that's the plot line).

There's is a lot of this in the world today, if you don't fit in to the norm, of what society has created, you're looked as the outcast, but on the inside we're all the same. 
I don't cry to a lot of movies, but to this one I did, it made me think about my younger years, how everyone around me had a norm of being, and because I didn't fit in to that norm, I was the odd one out, But as Ludo I never let them get me or turn away from my beliefs, and I think that is what seperates us people, the ones that know, that it is what is inside that counts, and the ones that just follows the current, and never catches a glimpse of how we all are the same, and what lies inside us.


i'm playing the numbers 4 and 7

What is it with the numbers 747, I know it's a song, which is 7 minutes and 47 seconds long, it's my favorit song, it always shows the time 7:47 when i look at the clock, in the morning and then in the evening. it's like it's following me.  I should play on the lottery just using numbers built up by 7 and 4, that would generate the numbers, 4, 7, 44, 47, 74, 77, it could work. 

I went to the library today, without any complications I borrowed a book about the unexplored depths within.
Now I'm going to do maths.

quite and adventure.

I got an adventure to tell you about.
I got stuck at church today, or more like outside church. I felt really creative and wanted to go out with my camera and take pictures, It's kind of ironic that I ended up at the church parking lot, I've been thinking of going to that specific church, anyway the reason I ended up there was I ran out of gas in a uphill. Quite an adventure, and I did take photos. 
Maybe it was a sign from God, like he's saying, you're thinking a lot about me, so why don't you get your ass of your chair and go to church already. But who knows.


I almost forgot my quotes.
We can't be all negative and complain now can we.
Here's the ten quotes following then ten other

  1. On who is ill-tempered and often criticize others, no matter how well intentioned, is not truly a good person. 
  2. Only when knowledge is thoroughly absored can it become our own wisdome
  3. Love is not something you can demand from others, but is something you should give to others.
  4. Our greatest enemy is often not others,but ourselves.
  5. Let us compete to see who has more compassion, not to see who has more power.
  6. One who is idle from day to day is a consumer of life, one who is active and useful is a creator of life.
  7. Be minduful, but try not to worry or fret.
  8. People who always make excuses for themselves can never improve.
  9. Those who look down on others reveal a lack of moral cultivation.
  10. When vegetables are planted in a field, there is less room for weds to grow, when people have kindness in their heart, there is less room for evil to grow.


Attention please! for one minute only

The more i think about what I wrote yesterday the more it shows.
Its like whenever someone striks up a conversation on lets say IM, the reason they start that conversation is not to say hi how are you, it's usually, well it is in a lot of case, hi how are you and then it's the constant craving for attention for what they have accomplished, like they need another person to give them attention for things they done, that they think is so amazing or they want to tell a story about how fun their week been, as if I really care, If I cared I would have asked, and then there's these other persons that just talks about their problems and concerns. I've had a lot of that, not only on IM, but in real life. I had a friend, who was an expert on this, she would invite me over, and then just talk about her problems constantly for 4 hours, so everything I would say she would turn into to her problem.  

See people look at me like I'm shy because I don't say much, but I see it this way, if there's nothing important to say, then why do we talk? I don't feel like being the way my friend was, by putting all attention to me and my problems, sometimes it's okay to just listen, and sometimes but not very often, it can be nice to listen to other peoples problems, but not all the time.
Yes sometimes I want to help out, but if problems is all you have, all the time, you can't have much of a life? Sometimes it's obvious things, that you don't need another person to tell you, sometimes it's problems that turns into bragging. 
Oh yes sometime I feel like being this way, but then I consider, no what's the purpose, do I want to make another person jelous, what's the point in that.

Maybe I shouldn't get so much attention into this things, maybe it will make it grow.

you are a bastard

YES it's true, people are self-loving, egoistic and mostly all they think about is how things they do can benefit themselves, in the short run, it's very seldom that someone will think of what can be good for the long term. 

People who are overly self-loving and egoistic are the ones, that when you're around them they consume all your energy, they don't have to do or say anything, just their aura, and the moment they step in the room, you feel tired and start building up a wall around you. 

There's different types of self-lovers, there is the self-loving type that only think about their own emotions and do nothing to make anyone else feel good, and then there's the self loving type that think about themselves but only in a way that they don't want to hurt other peoples feeling, and knows how to compromise, or to put it this way, the self-loving person who is in controll of his or her feelings. they don't need to say or do things to make themselves feel good, it's like a natural thing to them, they're totally in control with their emotions and how to use them in advantage to get what they need. And that kind of self-loving is a good kind of self-loving, because it's not obvious what they're after. 

Once you start to own your emotional life and you're in control over how you percive things around you, by not blaming other people for how you fell, then you'll start to find a balance and well being, and you will no longer be so vunerable to bad things that can happen to you. If people is behaving in a way that hurts you or drives you crazy, you can decide what way you want to react to it by observing your emotions and feelings and use them to guide you intuitively and make smarter decisions.

sensless rambling in the night. you decide.
(some of this makes no sense to me
mostly because when I started writing, 
my thoughts would end up at another track, 
 but you might get something out of this)

This is a story of girl meets boy.

Sad English popmusic.
Love does not exist.
Feel nothing.

This is a story of boy meets girl you should know up front this is not a love story.
That is the first words of 500 days of Summer, and those word caught me, like the rest of the movie had me stunned
because it was like a description of my life, what I've been feeling for quite a while until I came to realize that what i've been feeling it's not at all what love is. Actually I'm not quite sure what love really is, I thought I knew it, but then again I was unsure. And this movie didn't at all provide me with any more realizations of what it could be, BUT it still moved me in a way no movie have ever moved me before. I feel like I've been saying that about a lot of movies before, but sometimes a movie comes along at just the right moment, when you're in the same state as the state of the movie, and sometimes the music, the way they picture things, the way the storyline goes all the little small things in the movie, gives you a clearer perspective over things.
Am I good at selling it? do I make you want to go see it. I don't know, and to be honest I don't care, but you should go and see it, if you like sad Enligsh popmusic, if you wonder what love is, if you think that you have the perfect relationship, or if you just want to see a movie that's so completely different from all the mainstream movies out there.
Just go see it because the music is great!

And yeah I was followed by a cop all the way home, and I bought stuff today, because it's tax free weekend! fun! and tomorrow I'm going waterskiing.

10 quotes and counting

I found a folded "buisness card" under my bed today, with quotes worth considering. This is only the ten first.
This was a good day of finding these, I've been a little low and blue the last two, three days, beacause I feel overhelmed with studies, maths, reading and writing. I'm practicing for both my THEA and IELTS test. But I'm showing improvment in maths, and I'm not really worried about the IELTS test.

  1. Sunlight, parental love, a well-bred person's magnanimity, and a petty person's temper - all these things are huge.
  2. Say good words, harbor good thoughts, and do good deeds.
  3. Forgiving others is doing good to yourself.
  4. Success comes from development of our strenght: failure comes from the accumulation of our weaknesses.
  5. Don't look down on yourself, because everyone has boundless potential.
  6. We help people with our plam turned down, and we ask others for help with our palm turned up; helping others is a source of happiness, and asking them for help is a kind of pain.
  7. The more you do, the more you gain, the less you do, the more you lose.
  8. Be willing to do what must be done, and be glad to bear what must be borne.
  9. Always keep in mind the following virtues: understand, accommodate, appriciate, be content, and cherish our blessings.
  10. To do what should be done is wise; to do what should not be done is foolish.

26 raise to 2 + 5b + 3 = 136

Tell me about a moment when I volunteered to work on Mathematics, I think you will come up empty handed, because it has never happened before, but that is exactly what I am doing today, I am reading about the different rules and making equations, and I am learning a lot, and the best of all I think it's fun. 

I just finished a chapter so this is my reward, 10 minutes of internet time. Works gets a lot easier if you are discplined and give yourself rewards for doing a good job. 


Jag "stumbled upon" den här dikten idag.

Failure does not mean I’m a failure;
It does mean I have not yet succeeded.

Failure does not mean I have accomplished nothing;
It does mean I have learned something.

Failure does not mean I have been a fool;
It does mean I had enough faith to experiment.

Failure does not mean I have disgraced;
It does mean I have dared to try.

Failure does not mean I don’t have it;
It does mean I have something to do in a different way.

Failure does not mean I am inferior;
It does mean I am not perfect.

Failure does not mean I have wasted my life;
It does mean that I have an excuse to start over.

Failure does not mean that I should give up;
It does mean that I should try harder.

Failure does not mean that I will never make it;
It does mean that I need more practice.

Failure does not mean that You have abandoned me;
It does mean that You must have a better idea.


hometown heroes

Jag fick ett mail idag, det gjorde mig glad, det var inte så mycket, men The sounds spelar på HOB (House of Blues) den 11 October, denna gången tänker jag inte missa det, jag satt på flyget til Köpenhamn, förra gången det spelade i Dallas.
Att se dem spela är liksom lite som att få en bit av sin hemstad till Dallas. FÖr övrigt tycker jag de är väldigt bra också, och så kan man vara stolt över sverige och Helsingborg. 


Jag hade en trevlig helg.
På Fredagen var jag och hälsade på CrazyBob skulle spelat tennis men det blev lite för sent.
Lördag morgon var det "class" som vanligt, vilket faktiskt är intressant, trots att det beyder att jag måste gå upp tidigt, efter "classen" åkte Alp och jag hem till mig och hon hjälpt mig att fixa mitt hår.
Efter att jag åkt och lämnat av henne, hon har ingen bil, åkte jag ut med Matt, för att fira hans tjugofem-årsdag, första stoppet IKEA, jag gav honom ett presentkort till IKEA, eftersom han ska flytta i september. Efter att vi vandrat runt där ett tag gick vi och såg G.I Joe, Sen körde vi mot hans överraskning, vilket bestod av bowling, och ett försök att samla ihop några av hans vänner, fick ihop två, men han var överraskad så det var lyckat. Vi spelade bowling i 2 timmar, vilket varl ite väll för länge.
Somnade vid 2 tiden, men fick tyvärr inte mycket sömn, en snarkande Matt, mjauande katter och en takfan höll mig vaken.
Kom hem 10 i morse och gick och la mig, så jag sov fram till 5-tiden, då jag åkte med famijen och åt pizza.

Imorgon blir det konsert, ska med Sara och se Our Lady Peace på House of blues.


Mitten av veckan nu, lill-lördag, så även här, Jag har ätit underbar peachcobbler utan glass dock.
Har inte gjort så mycket annat hititntills, jag var på biblioteket i måndags och lånade böcker så jag har ockuperat mitt rum och läst (nästan) konstant i två kvällar, samt lyssnat in mig på Our Lady Peace nya album, ska och se dem på måndag, är lite pepp över det. Det är trots allt favorit bandet.

Berättade jag om filmerna som jag fick framkallade, det 120 film från min Diana kamera, jag lämnade in 6 rullar samtidigt och när jag skulle hämta ut dem vissade det sig att det blev lite dyrare än vad jag hade förväntat mig, alla sex rullarna kostade mig $91, (så mycket hade jag inte så jag hämtade ut en rulle framkallad film).
Jag hade ingen aning om vad jag gjorde när jag tog det här bilderna, men det är lite det som är tjusnigen med dem tycker jag.

I alla fall, jag har inte så mycket planer till helgen, eller jag har lite men jag vill inte skriva dem här ifall personen de handlar om läser (och översätter, man vet aldrig), det är Matts 25-års dag. Jag skriver mer efter den infallit.

You learn more by listening
(you already know what you would say)

up and up

Wow Frida. Jag hade en lång konversation idag om killar/ tjejer och varför vi är som vi är, fick mig att tänka på att jag borde begära mer av mina realtioner, vara ärlig mot mig själv och verkligen ta reda på hur det ligger till, det är ett väldigt stort steg för mig att verkligen säga sanningen och inte försöka dölja den bakom skämt och antagande. Känns mycket bättre nu.

Shysst helg faktiskt, var och såg Funny people i fredags, den var rolig men lite sorlig också, spelat rockband, haft "class" spelat jungelspeed, planerat nästa vecka, and that's about it. Har fortfarande söndagen kvar, tror jag ska sova länge, städa och spela tennis.

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