having a conversation with a monolingual race

Hey sorry I haven't updated for a while, things happend and then I didn't feel like pouring out my feelings here.
My boyfriend, well now i can't say that anymore, but anyway that guy broke up with me monday night, because he felt he did a bad job of being a boyfriend, is that up to him to decide? No I think he did a great job better than anyone else. 
I decided to not curl up into my own solitude and cry, which equals I can't be home because it just dosen't work. 
But it is kind of sad that the moment you open up yourself is always a moment to late, and I don't think he really told me the truth, they never do, do they? They always tries to smooth things out by saying; I like you too, but I'm still breaking up with you, where's the logic in that? It's like they're monolingual or just monothinkigual (i came up with that word, it's not really a word), maybe if I say so I'll get chance later on, it's like eating the cake and still have it. 
But hey you know what! Just tell the truth, beacuase the truth is so much better, and it makes it easier to move on.

Leaving on a Mayday

Sunday should call for album reviews, but then again, I don't do reviews very good, so I'm just going to put out the album I've ben listening to a lot during this week. Maybe some of you will find a new favourit, maybe you already heard it, maybe you hate it, I don't care.

My album of the week is Leaving on a Mayday with Anna Ternheim. I eat breath and sleep this album, which means this is the album I wake up to, fall asleep to and the album that has been my soundtrack this week. If you're looking for happy songs you need to look somewhere else, Anna doesn't write happy songs, she write songs about heartache and lost loves. You can feel the melancholy without even listening to the lyrics. It's all in a minor key. It's an album  made for sitting in your solitude and feel sorry for yourself and decide that you have to do something about it. It's a sad but beautiful album. 


Skrev om mitt liv i Dallas. Skriver nu mest om NPF-diagnoser och livet med en eller två sådana.

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